Eric Trump: ‘No One Has Done More for Christianity than Donald Trump’

Donald Trump

“There’s no one who’s done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. No one.”

So declared former President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump at Freedom Fest in Morningview, Ky., Saturday, Sept. 10.

Donald Trump who attends church only on Easter and Christmas, and who has a penchant for holding the Bible upside down, and whose words and deeds are the antithesis of the teachings of Scripture, has indeed done a lot for Christianity.

The orange messiah has exposed the true nature of the evangelical church in America. It’s not a religious or spiritual movement, but a political and social endeavor.

White evangelicals don’t care about winning souls for Christ, they are too preoccupied with winning votes for Trump and his acolytes. They don’t care about turning this nation back to the moral teachings of the Bible, they’re concerned only with turning our fragile democracy into a White Christian Nationalist theocracy.

Trump has done a great service for true Christianity by exposing the xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia and just plain ugliness of evangelical Christianity.

Evangelicals are as greedy, petty, vicious, and racist as their new savior, Donald Trump. I concur with Eric Trump, no one has done more for Christianity than Donald Trump. Thank you, Trump, for showing us the wickedness of evangelical Christianity.

Mary Trump is on a Mission From God to Expose the Stupidity of Donald Trump and His Children

Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump is on a book tour promoting her latest anti-Trump book, “The Reckoning: Our Nation’s Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal,” which discusses the communal trauma that citizens of the United States faced during the Trump presidency.

Mary knows firsthand how adept her uncle is at inflicting trauma, witness the $100 million lawsuit he filed against her and the New York Times for allegedly obtaining his tax records for a series of bombshell articles.

Most legal experts agree that Trump’s bogus lawsuit doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding, and the only thing he’s accomplishing is giving his niece publicity that will help her sell her book.

Mary, a psychologist, isn’t intimidated by Trump’s mind games, and his lawsuit certainly won’t stop her from her mission from God to expose the stupidity of Donald Trump and his idiot children.

Mary has written two books exposing the racism, misogyny, greed and mind-blowing stupidity of Donald Trump, and on her book tour she is focusing on his dense children.

On the “UnPresidented” podcast, she referred to her cousin Donald Trump Jr. as “weak” and “the stupidest one” in her family.

She called Eric Trump a “moron”, and stated the obvious, namely that Ivanka doesn’t have the charisma to win a presidential election.

Trump’s children would be well-advised to prevail upon their dad to stop provoking Mary, she doesn’t need any more ammunition to destroy all of their presidential ambitions.

Eric Trump’s New Nazi Haircut

“This week in political style news, Eric Trump got a haircut. It`s bad.

But it`s not just bad because he styled it firmly away from his face, creating a severe forehead arc. And it`s not just bad because he used a handful of motor oil to slick it back like some bad Elvis impersonator. It`s bad because it looks eerily similar to the preferred cut of famed white nationalist Richard Spencer.

We`ve talked about this haircut before. It`s called the high-and-tight. And, while popular in Hollywood and hipster circles lately, it has more of a connection to Nazism than many guys feel comfortable with in Donald Trump`s America-one in which virulent white nationalism has far too much of a foothold in non-fringe circles.

In the 1930s and `40s, the Hitler Youth wore the `do in propaganda posters.


A thousand and one articles have been written about Donald Trump`s hair, some speculate that`s it`s a thrift store toupee while other swear it`s a combover from hell. Trump`s hairstyle might not be very presidential, but it`s appropriate for a clown who`s playing at being Leader of the Free World. Every famous clown worth his salt sports a ridiculous hairstyle, why should Trump be any different?

The poop doesn`t drop far from the toilet bowl, Eric Trump just got a haircut that makes him look as ridiculous as his father. Eric`s haircut is almost identical to the hairstyle of white nationalist Richard Spencer, it`s a severe style that`s been favored by racists going all the way back to the Hitler Youth.

Eric`s hairdo is a visual dog whistle, as soon as they see him Nazis immediately realize that he`s simpatico with their racist ideology. If only every racist had the consideration to sport a Nazi haircut, so they could be easily identified.

I shave my head and I haven`t darkened the door of a barber shop for almost 20 years, I wonder if they still have photos of various hairstyles on the wall. Did Eric point to image #6, and tell the barber “I want to look just like that gentleman wearing that Nazi uniform.”

Eric Trump`s high-and-tight haircut may be all the rage in white nationalist circles, but it`s anathema to freedom-loving Americans.

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