Eminem Furious Donald Trump is Ignoring His Anti-Trump Rants

“Eminem shook the digital sphere when he spit his hard-hitting cypher during the BET Hip Hop Awards. The internet erupted in celebration when Em dropped a few bars throwing shots at Donald Trump, but it seems that everyone took notice of the Detroit artists cypher – except for Donnie himself. And according to a new interview with Shade 45, Eminem isn`t too pleased about it.

During his recent interview, Eminem expressed his frustrations with Trump ignoring his BET freestyle. `I was and still am extremely angry,` the `Walk on Water` artist said. `I can`t stand that motherf**ker. I feel like he`s not paying attention to me. I was kind of waiting for him to say something and for some reason, he didn`t say anything.`”


With all due respect, Jessica McKinney, the writer of this article is full of shi*, the Internet didn`t erupt in celebration when Em`s (who the hell calls him “Em” besides his groupies?) freestyle rap was aired on BET. The ageing rapper was mercilessly criticized for trying to jump-start his moribund career with his lame rap performance.

Trump never misses an opportunity to respond with vitriol on Twitter when he`s attacked, if the critic has any relevance. In the last couple of years I`ve written over 200 anti-Trump articles, but Trump hasn`t counter-punched me on Twitter because I`m just an insignificant blogger from Central Virginia. Eminem can blast Trump until the cows come home but Trump isn`t going to react because Eminem is as relevant as Vanilla Ice.

Whenever Snoop Dogg ridicules Trump he immediately reacts on Twitter because even though Snoop has been in the rap game a lot longer than Eminem he`s still a driving force in the rap game. Unlike Eminem Snoop is black, and Trump prefers to engage with blacks, his base eats it up whenever he puts down any black celebrity.

Eminem can appropriate black culture all he wants to, but he`s still a white middle-aged millionaire, and there`s no incentive for Trump to tango with him.

Eminem isn`t going to have any relevance until he`s dead, he should produce and release another anti-Trump rant and then commit suicide. Then and only then will people be talking about Em again.

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