Will an Online Sex Shop for Evangelicals Succeed?

“Andrea Dos Anjos opened her online store, Memorias da Clo, in 2019, offering Evangelical women a safe space to ask questions and seek advice on products designed for a part of life that remains taboo for many conservative Christians in Brazil.

The 43-year-old Baptist is based in Rio de Janeiro, but counsels her clients mainly via private messaging app.

Marques’s business, ConSensual, offers an online catalogue of ‘auxiliary products for relationships,’ such as erotic toys and flavored lubricants — all tactfully presented, steering well clear of the wilder side of the sex-toy trade.”


In America evangelicals are the biggest consumers of online pornography, they enjoy every genre of porn including girl-on-girl porn, bondage, gang rape and dozens of other sexual practices condemned by the Bible.  

Dos Anjos’ sex light online store doesn’t sell dildos, anal sex toys or sex dolls. “I don’t want clients to feel like they’re doing something wrong,” she says.

That’s not a good business model, evangelicals visit brothels, consume porn, and pick up hookers precisely because it’s a sin. Unbelievers will never experience the transcendent ecstasy achieved by indulging in sex acts you believe are morally wrong and condemned by the Bible.

Lubricants in flavors such as cotton candy and aphrodisiac perfumes are well and good, but if Dos Anjos really wants to make a killing she will sell vulgar sex merchandise like a giant dildo shaped like the mushroom shaped penis of our “orange Messiah, Donald Trump.”

But her online sex store is a good thing, anything that teaches evangelicals that sex is a fundamentally pure, natural and spiritual is a step in the right direction.

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