Despicable, Deplorable & Despised Hillary Clinton Teaching a MasterClass

The coin of the realm in America is fame, and once an entertainer, politician, athlete, televangelist, journalist, educator or (fill in the blank) has achieved even a modicum of celebrity it’s utterly impossible for him not to be able to live a comfortable existence for the rest of his life, regardless how badly his talents have diminished. Even a celebrity who commits murder or rapes a child is guaranteed a financially comfortable life for the remainder of his wretched existence.

In our digital age of dozens of streaming services, thousand and one cable networks, tens of thousands of satellite and earthly radio stations, millions of podcasts and billions of web sites, there are just too many revenue streams.

Every celeb worth his salt has a podcast, fans only page or a revenue-producing Instagram account. Even a D-List celebrity who enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame 15 years ago will always find work in a web series.

Celebrities who are filthy rich always find the time to endorse one more product and to make a cameo appearance in one more television show.

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton who’s made millions (billions?) after a lifetime in politics. Her government pensions, ghostwritten books, paid speeches and legal work made her filthy rich, yet she’s still trying to make a buck any way she can.  

Clinton is the latest celeb to offer a MasterClass, an American online education subscription platform on which students can access tutorials and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various fields. (Wikipedia) A MasterClass is just a glorified YouTube tutorial on your favorite subject.

She will begin teaching a new MasterClass on “the power of resilience.”  With all due respect, Fuck Hillary Clinton. She’s a corrupt elitist professional politician who thought she was entitled to be president of the United States, and she ran such an ineffectual campaign that she lost to the bumbling, stumbling circus clown, Donald Trump.

I don’t have shit to learn from the likes of Hillary about the power of resilience. When you have millions in the bank, you can always bounce back and force yourself back in the spotlight.

You lost to Donald Trump! Curse God and die, please!

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