Trump Begs for Campaign Donations as Hurricane Ian Destroys Florida


There is no shame in Donald Trump’s game. Armed with the knowledge that his followers will still worship him as the Messiah if he shoots a little old lady trying to cross 5th avenue in New York City, he never loses an opportunity to shear his sheep.

As Ian, the hurricane of the century, (which thanks to climate change is now a yearly event), battered Florida and plunged the state into darkness he made an urgent appeal from his Mar-a-Lago home for the fellow residents of the Sunshine State to give donations to the Red Cross.

I kid. Midway through Hurricane Ian’s path of destruction across Florida, Trump asked his supporters to donate to his presidential bid. After all, when a hurricane has ripped the roof of your house, and flooded the first floor, the first thought on your mind is, “I really need to donate money to billionaire Trump’s presidential campaign.”

Riding out the storm at his Mar-A-Lago palatial estate, Trump posted a video asking the public to contribute:

“We have a major fundraising deadline coming up. There has never been a time like this, our country has never been so disrespected, or so low, certainly in the minds of leaders all over the world.”

There’s a sucker born every minute, and there’s a new Trump supporter born as a pimple in his fat ass every second, and I have no doubt that his video will elicit donations.

Every natural disaster brings out the best in some people, and the worst in moral reprobates like Donald Trump.

4 thoughts on “Trump Begs for Campaign Donations as Hurricane Ian Destroys Florida

  1. Anna says:

    He’s showing his true (Don the Con) character as he knows he’s fully aware that he’s followed by many uneducated enablers. You’d think he’d be offering spare bedrooms at Mar-O-Lago for people who are displaced during the hurricane. But to do that he’d have to have a heart. My bad.

  2. Alba Striegel says:

    He can eat his gonads and he probably wants them well done like his steaks!!
    I wouldn’t give that looser the time of day.

  3. From MN says:

    Just report the news. Not your personal opinion. Just wrong what you have said about Trump. Wrong! People need facts more and less opinions. Let people make up their own minds. Shameful.

  4. Grace says:

    Somebody help this fat-assed liar who has the nerve to solicit from people in the midst of a storm for his selfish campaign for president (again?). Shouldn’t he be the first to give help to the victims of the storm, Ian? If he did, he may even be remembered in his next political campaigns – but no! It should be him first. And remember, Trumpers, you will always be last, behind the butt which will forever brown your noses and faces.

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