The Rapture is a Goldmine for Evangelical Scam Artists

White evangelicals promulgate an eschatology that has been wrong for generations and they will continue to prophesy that the End Times is right around the corner until the World ends as a result of climate change, nuclear annihilation or an errant asteroid. Jesus has as much connection to the End Times as Megatron or Hella.

For over two thousand years Christians have been preaching that the return of Jesus is imminent. Tithe, attend church and convert the heathen, lest Jesus finds you slacking when he returns.

For centuries Christians have imagined the return of Christ as a triumphant event in which he returns to punish sinners and reward the saints.

The Rapture in which Jesus returns in the air to evacuate his sinners from the world, followed by seven years of tribulation for the sinners left behind, is a relatively recent invention.

The Rapture has been one of the most lucrative inventions of the church: entrepreneurial Christians have made billions writing books, producing movies, and hosting seminars depicting this fantastical event.

Evangelists, pastors and other evangelical leaders know that the rapture is a scam, but lay Christians actually really believe this nonsense.

Word to the wise: Chill out! Smoke a joint! If Jesus does return, he is so chill that he will just ask you to pass him the bong.