Latest Grift by Donald Trump Jr: Peddling ‘We the People’ Edition of the Bible

Donald Trump Jr

The Bible that Donald Trump held upside down at his infamous St. John’s Church photo-op was auctioned for over $35,00. It was signed by the sociopath, thereby increasing its value for deviants who collect personal items of serial killers and dictators.

Donald Trump Jr. is now trying to out grift his notorious father, he’s hawking Bibles on social media. In a video he’s promoting a “We the People” Bible, he claims that the Bible written by the ancient Israelites defends America’s Judeo-Christian values. Yeah, fucken right.

The King James Version of the Bible also includes copies of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Pledge of Allegiance. The Bible is being sold for $69.99.

This is wrong on so many levels:

In the first place you don’t have to pay $69 for a Bible, you can easily get one for free. There are many Christian organizations that will gladly give you one, in fact it’s their mission to give away free Bibles to as many people as possible.

In the second place, a cokehead who’s never demonstrated any religious inclinations is not a very credible Bible salesman.

Thirdly, this audacious peddling of the Good Book is a sign of desperation by the Trump crime family. They realize that the handwriting is on the wall and their time will soon be up, and they want to grift every last dollar from their gullible followers.

Finally, this is an example of the politicization of evangelical Christianity. An America First, “We the People” edition of the Bible. Holy fuck! This is blasphemy and grifting on a scale that would embarrass even televangelists.