Patriots Must Vote in Such Large Numbers That Trump and Trumpism are Defeated Once and For All

President Donald Trump has repeatedly teased that he may blow off the two-term limit for presidents that was officially added to the Constitution through the 22nd amendment in 1951.

Trump has autocratic tendencies and it’s not surprising that he fantasizes about being president-for-life. A second Trump term would deal a debilitating blow to our democracy, and any subsequent terms would transform our democracy into a dictatorship.

Fortunately, for the sake of our republic and our collective mental health there’s almost no chance that the grotesquely obese septuagenarian would live through a third term.

Demographics also argue against a second or third Trump term, people of color who are adamantly opposed to his racist policies are a growing part of the population and conservative Republicans are a dying breed. The future is Democratic blue, Republicans see the writing on the wall, and that’s why they are seeing red.

However, there’s a good chance that Trump may win reelection this November and it’s incumbent upon decent and patriotic Americans to vote in such large numbers that Trump and Trumpism are defeated once and for all.

Trumpism Won’t be Defeated Until White Evangelicals are Discredited

Donald Trump received more than 80 percent support from evangelicals in 2016. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign may have been a publicity and narcissistic enterprise, but white evangelicals considered it a moral crusade to Make America Great Again by turning back the clock on women’s reproductive freedom, gay rights and racial equality.

White evangelicals are very pleased with the two far-right Supreme Court judges that were appointed by Trump, and not to mention the close to two  hundred judges he has appointed to federal appeals courts. They are ecstatic over the setbacks that Trump had dealt to the LGBTQ communities. They have ramped up their efforts to reelect their False Messiah, the moral reprobate is the perfect presidential candidate for evangelicals who are committed to their so-called family friendly causes.

The usual evangelical suspects have earmarked hundreds of millions in their crusade to reelect Trump. Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition is spending tens of millions on a voter mobilization effort that aims to register 1 million Christians in key battleground states. The Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion rights group, has a budget of $41 million this campaign cycle to reelect Trump and other anti-abortion candidates. The Family Research Council is also putting their money where their mouth is and pouring millions into the ungodly mission to reelect the short-fingered vulgarian.

It is manifestly clear that Trump could not have won without the support of white evangelicals, and it’s incumbent upon Democrats, Independents and Republicans who haven’t swallowed the Kool-Aide to redouble their efforts to defeat Trump and destroy the white evangelical movement.

Patriots can take these steps to delegitimize, demoralize and defeat white evangelicals:


There are no sacred cows, and where is it written that religion should be exempt from ridicule? Sanctimonious evangelicals with their penchant for hypocrisy, racism, and misogyny make such easy targets.


Why in the holy name of God aren’t there any protests at megachurches? White evangelicals support the chaos of the Trump administration, so why not bring some chaos to their churches?

Tax-exempt status

If white evangelical churches are acting like political organizations why not yank their tax-exempt status? I think it’s an abomination that my tax money is being used to support churches that support homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia.

Join me in my mission from God to impeach Trump and to put the fear of God in white evangelicals!

In the Age of Trump Does Truth Matter?

“Stephen Colbert took network TV on a rare detour into nihilism on Wednesday night, using Donald Trump`s `spygate` conspiracy theory as a jumping off point for a powerful argument that nothing anyone says or does matters in the slightest anymore. Noting that tweeting What goes around comes around was a bold move for a bully like the president, Colbert called him living proof that karma does not exist, then broadened his scope:

Sorry to break it to you, Hindus! It`s a lawless universe, devoid of hope. The stars blindly run. The leash is off-let`s all go baby-slapping.”


“Spygate” is the false allegation that the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign for political purposes, in other words to hurt Trump`s electoral chances.

The mundane truth is that an FBI informant met with several Trump campaign advisers in mid-2016 to assess if there were any links between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Only a fabulist would spin a wild conspiracy theory from what amounts to standard operating procedure for the FBI: using a civilian informant in an investigation.

This manufactured scandal is just the latest example of Donald Trump twisting the truth until it resembles a pretzel. Regardless how blatant the lie, Trump gets away with it, and his enablers in Congress and in the media amplify his wild conspiracies.

It`s enough to make a rational person declare, “Nothing anyone says or does matters in the slightest anymore.” Is Colbert right that karma doesn`t exist, and we might as well start slapping babies? Should we all go full-nihilist?

I still believe karma is a bitch, and what goes around comes around, and eventually she will bite you in the ass. Words do matter, the truth does matter, and one day Trump`s words will be used to convict him in a court of law, or impeach him in Congress.

Babies are safe around me, I still believe the truth matters.

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