Fatal Attraction in the Digital Age

“A woman (Jacqueline Ades) is accused of breaking into a Paradise Valley home, bathing in the homeowner`s bathtub, and sending tens of thousands of disturbing text messages to the man`s phone after the pair went on one date.”

ABC News

Before breaking into her victim`s home she had already been arrested a couple of times for threatening to kill him for spurning her advances.

This woman wasn`t just a harmless kook, when police officers arrested her for breaking into the man`s home they found a large butcher knife on the passenger`s seat of her vehicle.

This Fatal Attraction psycho armed with a butcher knife and a cell phone bombarded her victim with over 65,000 texts.

Ades was charged with breaking and entering, threatening, stalking and harassment, but she won`t be behind bars for more than a few months. Her victim would be well-advised to change his name, undergo plastic surgery, delete all his social media accounts, and move far, far away.

After reading this article you may say “Glad it wasn`t me” and then swipe right on Tinder or reply to the sexy text the new temp at the office sent you.

But I would urge you to at least google the hell out of the next person you meet online before meeting him/her in person.

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