White Evangelicals’ Panties in a Twist Over Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’

Lil Nas X is black, openly gay and a rapper, the unholy Trinity of evil as far as white evangelicals are concerned.

The controversial rapper just dropped a new music video, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name),” depicting him giving Satan a lap dance. The rapper is then pictured snapping the devil’s neck, before removing his horned crown and assuming it himself.

As publicity for new his video the shrewd entrepreneur is selling a limited-edition pair of “Satan Shoes” featuring a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross and a drop of real human blood.

Nas X isn’t breaking any new ground, heavy metal bands and mainstream pop stars have been employing Illuminati and Satanic imagery to sell records for decades.

White evangelicals have their panties in a twist over Lil Nas X’s mad wicked promotional skills, they allege that he is making a mockery of their faith. Evangelical pastor Mark Burns called the unique footwear “evil” and “heresy”, and South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem tweeted that the sneakers were a symbol of America’s spiritual ruin.

Bitches please, by supporting a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynist, cruel tyrant like Donald Trump evangelicals are the ones who are making a mockery of Christianity.

If Jesus Christ walked the Earth today, He would stroll down the Old Town Road with Lil Nas X and shun the white evangelical hypocrites who support racism and kinds of evil in His name.

Donald Trump Meets Kanye West, Hillary Clinton Meets Fat Joe


Kanye West has a monumental ego, but he made a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of the biggest pimp in town, Donald J. Trump.

How the mighty have fallen, Hillary on the other hand was posing for a selfie with Fat Joe, a rapper who achieved modest success in the late 90`s.

If Fat Joe attempted to meet Donald Trump, he would be escorted out by Security before he got anywhere near the gold elevator that ascends to Trump`s palatial penthouse.

I doubt Beyonce or Jay Z are returning Hillary`s calls these days, but if she sashayed her fat butt to Trump Tower, the Donald would grab her by the pussy and show her a good time.

The Donald may have 99 problems, but worrying about being politically-correct ain`t one of them.

I hope Trump lets Hillary ride the Trump Tower elevator all the way to the roof, so she can jump off.