Donald Trump Meets Kanye West, Hillary Clinton Meets Fat Joe


Kanye West has a monumental ego, but he made a pilgrimage to Trump Tower to kiss the ring of the biggest pimp in town, Donald J. Trump.

How the mighty have fallen, Hillary on the other hand was posing for a selfie with Fat Joe, a rapper who achieved modest success in the late 90`s.

If Fat Joe attempted to meet Donald Trump, he would be escorted out by Security before he got anywhere near the gold elevator that ascends to Trump`s palatial penthouse.

I doubt Beyonce or Jay Z are returning Hillary`s calls these days, but if she sashayed her fat butt to Trump Tower, the Donald would grab her by the pussy and show her a good time.

The Donald may have 99 problems, but worrying about being politically-correct ain`t one of them.

I hope Trump lets Hillary ride the Trump Tower elevator all the way to the roof, so she can jump off.