Would You Buy Trump’s Picture Book ‘Our Journey Together’ for $999?

Trump’s coffee table picture book “Our Journey Together” was released earlier this year with a hefty price of $75, or $230 for an autographed copy. It features photographs from his time in the White House, with captions written by Trump. I haven’t read the accursed thing, and I have no plans to do so, but I’m guessing the captions include a lot of superlatives.

It’s no surprise that the book sold out of its initial printing of 200,000 copies, Trump sycophants have enough discretionary income to buy anything related to their messiah.

Trump never misses an opportunity to grift his followers, and “Our Journey Together” has been repackaged in a red cover with his John Hancock inside the book. This “special edition” sells for $999, and it includes several new photos. Marks also get “a signed copy of a book written by Donald Trump Jr. and a MAGA hat.

The only thing special about this edition of Trump’s picture book seems to be that it includes a few more pics, and the novelty of the autograph inside the book, as opposed to the cover. There’s a sucker born every minute.

I’m still waiting for the grifter-in -chief to publish a book of his tweets, it would outsell the bible in red states, and he could sell it for over a thousand bucks.

There is no room in my library for a picture book with captions written by a functional illiterate twice-impeached former president, and a book ghostwritten for his idiot son.

Trump Releasing ‘Our Journey Together’ Photo Book in Time for Christmas

The functionally-illiterate Donald Trump previously teased that he was writing “the book of all books.”

His evangelical supporters, who treat him as the Messiah, were probably expecting a tome destined to be included in the canon of Scripture.

The rest of us who were expecting a coloring book or at best a graphic novel, weren’t far off the mark:

“Today I am thrilled to announce I will be publishing a wonderful book in time for Christmas!” Trump said in a statement. “‘Our Journey Together’ is a collection of beautiful photos captured during our very successful time in the White House.”

The coffee table book features hundreds of photographs that were “handpicked by the President” and captions that he wrote.

What publishing company would stoop so low as to publish a book written by the twice-impeached disgraced president? A publishing company founded by his son Donald Trump, is the answer.

I wouldn’t give my worst enemy Trump’s book for Christmas, but I don’t doubt that most MAGA households will have his book on their coffee tables.