Jon Voight: ‘Trump is a New Light and He Will Return to the Presidency’

I watched the election coverage with apprehension and dread, like most lovers of liberty and truth I expected a red tide of fascism and lies to wash away the bulwarks of democracy.

But the midterms turned out to be a rejection of Trump and his infernal MAGA movement, most of the conspiracy theorists and proponents of the Big Lie that he foisted on the Republican Party went down to ignoble defeat. Against all odd the Democrats retained control of the Senate, and there’s still a chance they might keep control of the House as well.

Jon Voight, one of Trump’s most vociferous defenders wasn’t too happy with the midterms:

“It’s a dark web. A dark world. But not for long. A new light will emerge. The one president who understood truths .. Trump will return to the presidency. Allow Trump to rebuild our soil and our land so we can rise to our glory.”

I agree with Voight’s first statement, it’s indeed a dark world, because dark entities like Trump often rule the world before they are brought down by the forces of goodness and light.

Voight perceives Trump as a new light. The Bible says that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, and I’m not surprised that an angry old white man sees the dark sociopath as a new light.

“The one president who understands truths.” Are you freaking kidding me? Trump is a pathological liar whose administration was marred by tens of thousands of lies and misleading claims. Trump is infamous for disseminating the Big Lie that he won the election.

Voight is wrong, dead wrong, about Trump being an ambassador of light, and he is dead wrong about Trump returning to the presidency. The midterms have conclusively demonstrated that the electorate is sick and tired of Trump’s lies and conspiracy theories, and he will be humiliated if he runs again for president.

Jon Voight’s Cringeworthy Dance for Donald Trump Will Make You Pluck Your Eyes Out

“Jon Voight took his Donald Trump worship act to the White House on Thursday, dancing awkwardly for the president during a ceremony to receive a National Medal of Arts.

Music from Voight’s 1969 film ‘Midnight Cowboy’ played in the East Room when the 80-year-old Oscar winner rose from his chair to provide an impromptu shuffle that earned a fist pump and a finger point from Trump.

Huffington Post

Jon Voight is a celebrated actor best known for his iconic roles as a wannabe gigolo in Midnight Cowboy, a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Coming Home and of course as a businessman who survived a nightmare canoe trip in the Georgia wilderness in Deliverance.

An actor’s brilliance on celluloid usually inoculates him from his fans shunning his films when the darker aspects of his personal life are revealed, but when Voight became one of the biggest cheerleaders for Donald Trump even his most devoted fans turned away from him.

The last chapter of Voight’s life has been dedicated to singing the praises of the loathsome, vulgar, and racist Donald Trump. The legendary actor is a vociferous defender of the president on Twitter, and he eviscerates anyone who criticizes his idol.

Voight took his “I will do anything to debase myself for Trump act” to the White House dancing awkwardly for Trump during a ceremony to receive a National Medal of Arts. His embarrassing display may have earned a fist pump from Trump, but it elicited winces and epithets from the viewing audience.

Voight’s family needs to hold an intervention, and confine him to a 12-step program or a retirement home for retired thespians.