Selfish and Stupid White Evangelicals Will Celebrate National Day of Prayer by Flocking to Churches to Pray Away the Coronavirus

White evangelicals have been practicing social distancing since time immemorial, they will cross over to the other side of the street if they see a stereotypically gay man approaching them. They don’t want to come within 60 yards, never mind six feet, from feminists, immigrants, gays and lesbians, and people of color.

But they don’t believe social distancing when it comes to each other. Evangelicals are making a pilgrimage to the movies to see Lionsgate’s Christian movie, “I Still Believe”, making it the number one movie in the country. The faithful believe prayer and Purell will protect them from the coronavirus.

Donald Trump, the stable genius, declared March 15, 2020 a National Day of Prayer and millions of white evangelicals will selfishly congregate in crowds of hundreds and thousands in churches, disregarding common sense and spreading the coronavirus.

The coronavirus is no respecter of persons, it infects atheists, Muslims, Jews and Christians of all stripes, especially when they congregate in confined spaces. Brandishing a giant Bible, speaking in tongues and being full of the Holy Ghost ain’t going to protect you from the coronavirus.

I won’t heed the call of the False Messiah, and I won’t be attending church this Sunday. Thoughts and prayers are ineffectual against viruses and bacteria, the best way to fight the coronavirus is by avoiding large crowds, abstaining from shaking hands, and washing your hands religiously.

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