You Will Have to Pry My Can of Tuna From My Cold, Dead Hands

“Canned tuna, a lunchbox staple from the 20th century, is fighting to keep its spot in American cupboards.

Century-old tuna companies like StarKist Co., Bumble Bee Foods LLC and Chicken of the Sea International are trying to reboot demand for tuna fish-selling it in cans, pouches and kits with trendy flavors or as a healthy snack-as they seek to hold on to their dominance in a shrinking market.”

Wall Street Journal

I`m a baby boomer and canned tuna was a staple in my childhood home, along with milk, eggs and bread.

My cupboards are still well stocked with cans of tuna fish; a can of tuna costs less than a dollar and it will yield two satisfying and delicious sandwiches.

You won`t find cans of tuna in college dorms or basements where millennials live, they don`t even own can openers. They want the instant gratification of nuking their meals in a microwave in 30 seconds.

I don`t mind the ritual of opening a can of tuna with a manual can opener, draining the water, and fixing my tuna sandwich with mayo, relish and onions.

Legacy tuna companies like StarKist, Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea are trying to rebrand tuna as a snack sold in pouches. They`re hoping that flavored tuna sold in pouches will appeal to millennials.

They may be successful in their marketing strategy, but for me tuna is a meal not a snack, and I don`t mind the fishy smell.

On a cold December evening there`s nothing better than a tuna sandwich with Campbell`s tomato soup.

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