Knock On Wood: Trump is Going to Lose in a Landslide

Donald Trump isn’t a nuanced thinker; he doesn’t see things in shades of gray. Trump has a binary perspective in life, you’re either a winner or a loser. If you inherit or by any means accrue wealth you are a winner, and if you are poor you are a loser. Trump promised his supporters that they would win so much, that they would be sick and tired of winning.

Trump’s supporters, aside from the millionaires and billionaires, aren’t doing much winning lately, his mismanagement of the coronavirus has plunged Americans into financial disaster.

Trump, who views himself at the ultimate winner, is looking more and more like he’s headed to an election loss of epic proportions. The braggard-in-chief is openly contemplating the prospect of losing, while Joe Biden is warning his supporters against overconfidence in the face of national polls and swing state polls that show him winning by double digits.

There are only 15 days until the general election and 23 million votes have already been cast. Time is running out for Trump, and his desperate attempts to smear the genial Biden with conspiracy theories about his son have failed to gain traction with the general public.

Thursday’s final presidential debate, is Trump’s last and best chance to change the direction of this election, he may have better luck changing the course of the mighty Mississippi river by using his tiny hands to slap the water in the other direction.

Trump cannot afford another bad debate performance. His out-of-control performance in the first debate helped Biden extend his polling advantage. But after almost four years in office, we know that Trump will always be Trump. He’s not going to be respectful to his opponent and the moderator, and he’s not going to restrain his bombastic rhetoric.

I predict that Trump will suffer another bad debate performance, and I predict he will go down to defeat on November 3, 2020.

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