Eric Trump’s New Nazi Haircut

“This week in political style news, Eric Trump got a haircut. It`s bad.

But it`s not just bad because he styled it firmly away from his face, creating a severe forehead arc. And it`s not just bad because he used a handful of motor oil to slick it back like some bad Elvis impersonator. It`s bad because it looks eerily similar to the preferred cut of famed white nationalist Richard Spencer.

We`ve talked about this haircut before. It`s called the high-and-tight. And, while popular in Hollywood and hipster circles lately, it has more of a connection to Nazism than many guys feel comfortable with in Donald Trump`s America-one in which virulent white nationalism has far too much of a foothold in non-fringe circles.

In the 1930s and `40s, the Hitler Youth wore the `do in propaganda posters.


A thousand and one articles have been written about Donald Trump`s hair, some speculate that`s it`s a thrift store toupee while other swear it`s a combover from hell. Trump`s hairstyle might not be very presidential, but it`s appropriate for a clown who`s playing at being Leader of the Free World. Every famous clown worth his salt sports a ridiculous hairstyle, why should Trump be any different?

The poop doesn`t drop far from the toilet bowl, Eric Trump just got a haircut that makes him look as ridiculous as his father. Eric`s haircut is almost identical to the hairstyle of white nationalist Richard Spencer, it`s a severe style that`s been favored by racists going all the way back to the Hitler Youth.

Eric`s hairdo is a visual dog whistle, as soon as they see him Nazis immediately realize that he`s simpatico with their racist ideology. If only every racist had the consideration to sport a Nazi haircut, so they could be easily identified.

I shave my head and I haven`t darkened the door of a barber shop for almost 20 years, I wonder if they still have photos of various hairstyles on the wall. Did Eric point to image #6, and tell the barber “I want to look just like that gentleman wearing that Nazi uniform.”

Eric Trump`s high-and-tight haircut may be all the rage in white nationalist circles, but it`s anathema to freedom-loving Americans.

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