Emmanuel Macron Trumps Donald Trump and Punks Vladimir Putin

Emmanuel Macron, France`s 39-year-old president, has been on the world stage for less than a month, but already he`s demonstrated that he won`t be intimidated by the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin or American President Donald Trump.

The photogenic French leader has stared down Putin and Trump, to the delight of his countrymen, and to the consternation of these dictators.

When Macron and Putin held a joint press conference at the Palace of Versailles, he rebuked Putin to his face for meddling in the French election in which the Kremlin favored his far right rival Marine Le Pen.

How can we forget Macron`s handshake with Trump, the young French president gripped the septuagenarian`s puny hand like a vise, and then bragged about it later. After that fateful encounter Trump probably changed his diapers, and ordered Sean Spicer to rub Bengay on his injured hand.

Macron trolled the troller-in-chief in a televised speech, speaking in English he condemned Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord with a call to “make our planet great again.”

Macron has put the world`s tyrants on notice, that contrary to the stereotype he`s a French man with testicles the size of bowling balls.

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