Dude Discovers Mama Cat and Kittens Under His Bed

“A man in London has to adjust to life as a cat dad after discovering a cat – that is not his – had given birth to a litter of kittens under his bed.

He has made contact with Cat Protection in an attempt to find mother cat`s owner, aware of the fact that he may have to give up his newly found fur babies.”

News Hub

This News Hub article raises more questions than it answers. For starters, what was mama cat doing in this stranger`s home? Is she a cat burglar who sneaked into this dude`s house and decided that it would make a perfect home for her and her kittens?

You may also be wondering what took this guy so long to notice that a cat and her kittens were under his bed. This I can understand, I never vacuum or look under my bed, a family of raccoons could be living under there for all I know.

This fellow found himself in a unique situation, but he`s doing all the right things. He`s trying to find the owner of the cat, and he`s turned to Twitter for advice on how to take care of the little ones.

If he can`t find the mama cat`s owner, I hope he keeps her and the babies. It looks like he`s a terrific dad to his fur babies.

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