Meet Buff Cat, the Most Muscular Cat in the Universe

When I tell people that I have a Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix they seem impressed, but when I let them know that I also have two cats, they look at me askance as if I`m the biggest pussy … cat in the world.

If they only knew that one of my cats, Tico, tips the scales at 25 pounds, and he struts around my house like he`s a Mack Daddy.

But I think even Tico would give a wide berth to the Internet`s latest feline sensation, Buff Cat. This colossus has broad shoulders, and he looks like he lifts weights at the gym every day.

I`m not a scaredy-cat but if Buff Cat hissed at me I would wet my drawers and run away like a schoolgirl.

But he`s a big pussy cat and a hit with the ladies. Check out his pics and videos:

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