Donald Trump’s Hateful Christmas Message


It’s tradition for political leaders to deliver a Christmas message striking the chords of unity, peace and goodwill.

In his Christmas message President Joe Biden wished for the “poison” to be drained from politics in favor of bipartisan cooperation. And leaning on the tenets of his Catholic faith of love, mercy and compassion he encouraged Americans into a more empathetic era.

Then there’s the twice-impeached disgraced former president, Donald J. Trump. He posted this Christmas diatribe replete with grievances and insults on his social media platform, Truth Social:

“Merry Christmas to EVERYONE, including the Radical Left Marxists that are trying to destroy our Country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is illegally coercing & paying Social and LameStream Media to push for a mentally disabled Democrat over the Brilliant, Clairvoyant, and USA LOVING Donald J. Trump, and, of course, The Department of Injustice, which appointed a Special ‘Prosecutor’ who, together with his wife and family, HATES ‘Trump’ more than any other person on earth. LOVE TO ALL!

There are no Marxists in Congress and the Communist Party USA is a fringe political party with less influence in politics, culture and society at large than the Flat Earth Society. It’s not Marxists but MAGA Republicans who pose an existential threat to our democracy, evidenced by their attempts to overturn the results of the free and fair 2020 presidential election.

I’m confident that in the Christmas spirt of love and forgiveness Joe Biden, The FBI and the Special Prosecutor won’t sue Trump for his libelous and treasonous insults.

Trump finished his divisive, hateful, and divisive Christmas message with the word: LOVE TO ALL!

If Trump really loved us, he would leave the spotlight and just shut the hell up.