Donald Trump Is an A-Hole


Donald Trump is an asshole.

This is the perfect metaphor to describe the execrable sociopath who is beloved by evangelicals, racists, conspiracy theorists and other riff-raff.

Trump’s supporters may take offense at this pithy statement, but deep inside they realize that nothing, but ill winds and bullshit emanates from their beloved orange sphincter.

There is no light at the end of the unholy anus, only a claustrophobic darkness and sulfuric feces. Those who enter Trump’s orbit may escape out of his rectum one day, but the ungodly stench will remain with them forever.

It’s common sense that only farts and shit emanate from the freak’s asshole, so why are so many evangelicals enthralled with the biggest asshole in the world?

Birds of a feather flock together, and assholes tend to socialize with other assholes. I give Trump and his sycophants a wide berth, I don’t want people mistaking me for an asshole.

Donald Trump is an asshole. That’s it, that’s the point of my essay.