Donald Trump Doesn’t Have a Clue What Melania is Doing These Days

Donald Trump, the twice-impeached one term president, loves to deliver monologues without being interrupted, therefore he calls in to Newsmax on a regular basis where the anchors won’t fact-check or interrupt him as he spins tall tales. They will nod in agreement and when Trump pauses for a moment, they seize the opportunity to toss a softball question. These sad excuses for news anchors hope that their subservience and journalistic malpractice results in a spike in ratings.

The other day during a Newsmax “interview” the host asked Trump what Melania had been up to since leaving Washington, D.C.

“It’s very funny. “She’s a very confident person. She was very successful as a model, she was very, very successful. and she is low key, but not actually low key, but she’s low key and the people love her. For instance, I’m making a speech in Ohio, where they’re going to have big crowds, they already have them lined up. We’re going have big crowds tomorrow night, and when I go there, there will be many, many signs. ‘We love our first lady, we love our first lady,’ and a lot of times they show a picture of a high heel, a shoe with a high heel.”

Translation: I don’t have a fucking clue.

By all accounts Melania isn’t living under the same roof as her worthless husband. The only question is what will come first: an indictment from the New York District Attorney or a divorce from his wife.

Low key? Not low key? Don’t really give a flying fig as long as she never again has the keys to the White House.

But I really don’t care where Melania is hiding, do you?

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