Dog Has Cyst That Looks Like Donald Trump

“A cyst found in a dog`s ear looks like Donald Trump`s face and blonde quiff, its owner claims.

Jade Robinson, 25, of Jarrow, Tyneside had to wait until her two-year-old beagle Chief was asleep before snapping the inner ear to send to a vet.

But it was a friend who spotted the resemblance between the 45th president of the USA and the infection.”


Donald Trump has a long sordid history of ridiculing the facial appearance of others, especially women, therefore I don`t hesitate to point out the obvious: Trump is exceedingly ugly.

His golden wispy hair resembles cotton candy that a hooker has urinated on, his mouth looks like a sphincter, he has the orange complexion of a pumpkin, and he has the bulbous nose of an alcoholic.

It`s quite appropriate that a cyst growing in a dog`s ear looks just like Trump. The president is a cyst that needs to be immediately removed for the health of our democracy.

The owner of the hapless pooch is trying to raise money to have the cyst removed. I can`t think of a worse fate to befall anyone, human or animal, than to have a cyst that resembles Trump.

For the love of God donate to this worthy cause. Here`s the link to the crowdsourcing web site to help his unfortunate doggie:

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