Kevin Spacey, The Most Despised Degenerate in Hollywood

“A former Boston TV news anchor claims Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted her then 18-year-old son Will Little at a Nantucket bar in July 2016.

Heather Unruh detailed the alleged incident during a press conference in Boston on Wednesday with her lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, who is best known for representing the victims of the 2002 Boston archdiocese sex abuse scandal.

`In July of 2016, actor Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted my son,` said Unruh on Wednesday. `It happened late night, inside the Club Car restaurant and bar on Nantucket Island. Unruh said her son told Spacey he was of legal drinking age.

`Whether he was over 21 or not, Kevin Spacey had no right to sexually assault him,` she said. `There was no consent. Kevin Spacey bought him drink after drink after drink, and when my son was drunk, Spacey made his move and sexually assaulted him.`

`Spacey stuck his hand inside my son`s pants and grabbed his genitals. This was completely unexpected and my son`s efforts to shift his body to remove Spacey`s hand were only momentarily successful.`


Kevin Spacey is a degenerate sexual predator who`s been assaulting young men and underage boys for decades.

If Spacey`s life was a movie directed by me he would be chemically castrated, and sentenced to a life behind bars where he would be raped every day, and eventually die of untreated syphilis.

I`m not enthralled by movie stars, most of them are degenerate assholes, and if Spacey bought me a dozen drinks and then grabbed my genitals there would be hell to pay.

With all due respect Heather Unruh`s son is a spineless wimp, why is she speaking for her son? He escaped the horrible situation by running away from the bar like a little girl, instead of giving Spacey the beating of his life.

If Spacey stuck his hand inside my pants and grabbed my genitals, I would grab the nearest bottle of beer, break it, and stab Spacey in the throat. I wouldn`t shift my body to remove Spacey`s hand like a little punk.

In Hollywood gays and especially lesbians, are treated like royalty, but Spacey the coward didn`t come out of the closet until the actor Anthony Rapp accused him of sexually assaulting him when he was only 14. Perfect timing asswipe, coming out when you are accused of sexually assaulting a child, and thereby conflating homosexuality with pedophilia.

Dear God where are all real men? It`s 2017 and any gay man who is still in the closet is a coward, end of story, period.

Any man, gay or straight, who tolerates being sexually assaulted by another man, is a coward, end of story, period!

As for the underage boys that Spacey raped or sexually assaulted, we must speak out on their behalf, and demand that the pervert be charged and imprisoned.

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