Federal Judge Reminds Trump that Presidents Aren’t Kings

“Kicking off a frenzied half hour in Washington on Monday night, federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson ordered McGahn to testify before the House of Representatives, which has been trying to force his appearance since April over Mueller’s findings that suggest Trump obstructed justice in the Russia investigation. Jackson dismissed the President’s claim that McGahn was subject to blanket immunity.
Getting right down to the basics that most Americans learn in school, the judge quoted Founding Fathers James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville to explain the nature of the presidency.

‘Stated simply, the primary takeaway from the past 250 years of recorded American history is that Presidents are not kings’, Jackson wrote.”


It’s Civics 101 that America is a democracy and not a monarchy or a theocracy, and the head of our government is a president elected by citizens and not a king born to the purple.

But Donald Trump is hazy about the concept of the Legislative and Judicial branches being coequal to the Executive, and he rules as if Congress has no oversight over his actions and the Judicial system has no power to interpret and clarify the law.

Trump’s sycophants, and by that I mean every member of his administration, do nothing to dissuade him from the notion that he’s not a king. In fact, they treat him as if he’s not just a king but a Messianic figure, a few of Trump’s evangelical cabinet members have called him the chosen one.

Trump has embraced the “chosen one” title, and he goes ballistic whenever anyone in his administration expresses the slightest reservation about any of his ludicrous comments or toxic tweets. Like any king worth his salt he demands unquestioned loyalty from his subordinates.

Federal Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson curtly dismissed Trump’s claim that McGhan was subject to blanket immunity, reminding him that Presidents aren’t kings. Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump will be swayed by the judge’s ruling, in fact he will vilify her just as he has done with other judges who ruled against him.

As long as Trump is surrounded by aides who have yellow streaks down their backs and brown noses, he will continue to act as a monarch. If the stable genius isn’t impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate, it’s incumbent on the electorate to kick him to the curb on November 2020.