Jeffrey Wright Compares Donald Trump to Charles Manson! Well Played!

Noted thespian Jeffrey Wright is best known for his role as an android in “Westworld”, but as far as I’m concerned, his most iconic role was Peoples Hernandez, a Dominican drug lord, in the 2000 movie “Shaft”.

Superstar Samuel L. Jackson starred as Shaft and Christian Bale co-starred as a wealthy sociopath murderer, but Wright stole the movie from these heavyweights. Peoples is the greatest villain in the history of cinema, he was frighteningly intimating but charming and affable at the same time. In action flicks it’s usually the hero who has all the memorable one-liners, but almost every line Peoples delivered was a memorable quote. If I could have dinner with any movie character in history, it would be with Peoples.

Wright came to my attention recently when he compared Donald Trump to Charles Manson.

Wright tweeted a video of Trump’s poodle Rep. Devin Nunes speaking on the House floor, defending the buffoon against his opponents’ push for impeachment. Nunes had the unmitigated gall to compare Democrats and the media to cult followers.

Then he tweeted this video depicting a side-by-side comparison of two of history’s most infamous villains: one is a mentally ill megalomaniac with dangerous followers – and the other is Charles Manson:

Bravo Wright! You showed us who is the cult leader we should fear the most. Keep it up and your tweets will become almost as well-known as the lines uttered by Peoples.