Jim Carrey Paints Donald Trump as Las Vegas Era Elvis Presley

Actor Jim Carrey turned to Elvis Presley to ding President Donald Trump in his latest mocking cartoon, which he shared online Thursday.

Trump as the late King of Rock and Roll performs a tweaked version of the 1969 hit ‘Suspicious Minds’ in the artwork.

‘They’re caught in a trap, they can’t walk out, because they love me too much baby,’ he sings as top members of his administration are tied together behind him.

‘His reign will soon be over,’ Carrey captioned the piece. ‘Woe to the loyal subjects of this counterfeit king.’

Huffington Post

Jim Carrey’s legacy will be as a cartoonist and not an actor, his series of Trump-themed cartoons dwarf his accomplishments as a comedic actor.

Carrey’s latest masterpiece depicts Donald Trump as the Las Vegas era Elvis crooning Suspicious Minds.

Elvis in his Vegas incarnation was a parody of himself: a bloated behemoth bellowing his hits for his besotted fans. But at least Elvis in his youth was really the King of Rock and Roll, an icon who ruled the pop charts and transformed the culture at large.

Donald Trump boasted that he was the King of New York real estate, but in reality he was a con artist and such a failure as businessman that the bankrupted his casinos.

Trump resembles the Las Vegas era Elvis in appearance only, he is a talentless fat slob who belts out all the hits in his campaign rallies (build the wall! lock her up!) to his brainwashed fans.

Elvis died in his porcelain throne with enough drugs in his blood to kill a dozen men; I won’t be surprised if Trump dies is his toilet with his arteries blocked with plaque, his intestines full of crap and his mind full of hate and venom.