Mike Pompeo Should Resign Before He’s Fired by Trump

Regardless how obsequious and subservient a White House official may be Trump will eventually turn against him, it’s impossible to please a colicky baby with the attention span of a gnat.

The vice president Mike Pence may be an evangelical but he never speaks truth to power by speaking out against any of Donald Trump’s outrages against the Bible, the Constitution and plain decency. His unquestioned loyalty to his boss is stamped on his face as he looks adoringly at the Fearless Leader whenever he’s speaking. But if Trump thinks that trading in Pence for Nikki Haley will help him be reelected he will kick the sanctimonious bastard to the curb in a New York minute.

Only the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo rivals Pence for his slavish devotion to Trump. Pompeo is so haughty, disdainful and arrogant that his nose is permanently in the air, but it’s brownish tint testifies that even he kisses Trump’s butt.

Nevertheless, the impeachment inquiry has created a rift between Trump and his closest ally. Trump holds Pompeo responsible for hiring State Department officials whose testimony in the impeachment hearings threatens to bring down his presidency.

Pompeo ordered State Department employees not to comply with subpoenas to testify before any impeachment hearings, he did his best to intimidate witnesses in order to protect himself and Trump. Fortunately, dedicated career diplomats like William Taylor and Marie Yovanovitch place country before their careers.

Pompeo is despised by Trump for his failure to prevent State Department officials from testifying before Congress, and he is despised by State Department employees for refusing to publicly defend Yovanovitch after she was disparaged by Trump.

Pompeo should read the writing on the wall, and resign before he is summarily fired by his impetuous boss.

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