Shawn Mendes Looks Gay and Acts Gay, But is He Really Gay? Does it Matter?

“How many times will Shawn Mendes have to say hes not gay for people to believe him?

The 20-year-old Canadian star emphasized his heterosexuality in Rolling Stone`s December issue and discussed the constant stress he feels living his life in the spotlight.

`I`d like to say I don`t care about it, but that`s not true,` he said, before adding, `this massive, massive thing for the last five years about me being gay.`”

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Shawn Mendes exudes a gay vibe, he wouldn`t look gayer even if he tattooed a rainbow flag on his forehead. I`m not saying he`s gay, but most gays are sure he`s batting for their team.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much, he frequently proclaims that he`s heterosexual.

Here`s a good rule to follow: If you look like the gayest gentleman in the world, but you don`t happen to be gay, don`t get your panties in a twist proclaiming you`re not gay. Everyone and their gay uncle is going to think you`re gay!

Clearly it bothers Mendes that a lot of people think he`s gay, he keeps harping on the issue. Listen girlfriend, your true fans don`t care if your gay, there`s nothing wrong with being gay. Haters are going to hate, and Twitter trolls are going to troll, just concentrate on your music.

I don`t care if Mendes is gay, but the fact that he`s a Canadian artist like Justin Bieber and Nickelback — that I just can`t forgive.

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