Jim Carrey’s Latest Anti-Trump Cartoon is Another Masterpiece

Jim Carrey the brilliant comic thespian and genius artist has been chronicling the corruption and ineptitude of the Trump administration with his masterpiece cartoons. I look forward to a new Carrey cartoon as much as I once waited eagerly for a new Carrey movie comedy.

In the latest Carrey masterwork he depicts Trump as an infant inside the brain of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

The cartoon is captioned “Baby on Board,” and the Man Baby is controlling the levers inside Whitaker`s huge head.

Whitaker is as unqualified to be Attorney General as Trump is unqualified to be president. Trump elevated the partisan hack to his position only because he can control him in a way he never could Deputy Attorney General Rod Jay Rosenstein.

Thank goodness the Democrats have regained control of the House, they will make sure that the Whitaker puppet will be unable to derail Special Counsel Robert Mueller`s investigation.

Keep up the good work Jim Carrey, you can bet Trump throws a tantrum whenever you post a new cartoon online.

Link to pic of Carrey masterpiece:


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