Painter Paints UFO’s and ET’s He’s Seen Face to Face

“It`s no secret that the U.S. government has been discussing UFOs for quite some time; leaked FBI documents, emails from the Clinton campaign, the black budget secret space program, and even quotes from former U.S. presidents have confirmed that. Even the Vatican has addressed extraterrestrial intelligence, yet many people will simply brush off this subject as if it`s a joke.

Well, that`s not the case for Spanish artist Robert Llimós. After seeing a UFO and ETs face to face, he was inspired to share his experiences through his art. By painting what he saw, he hopes to desensitize people to ETs so that hopefully, if and when they finally return, people won`t be scared of their appearances.”

Collective Evolution

Spanish artist Robert Llimos paints himself as a humanitarian and peacemaker who paints UFO`s and extraterrestrials beings he has seen face to face to desensitize people to ET`s so that when they finally land and reveal themselves, humans won`t be afraid of their appearance.

The only thing Llimos has seen face to face is his paltry bank account, and in a desperate bid to increase sales of his UFO and ET paintings he claims he experienced close encounters of the 3rd kind with little green men from Mars.

I would welcome extraterrestrials with open arms, they aren`t as scary as the greedy and deceitful human heart.

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