Who Is The Donald Trump Look-Alike Buying Lottery Tickets? Video!

“A man buying lottery tickets is setting social media ablaze because he looks exactly like Donald Trump.

Video shows the gentleman, dressed in a plaid shirt and checking out scratch-off lottery tickets, at a gas station convenience store. The presidential look-alike is lighting up social media.”

Inside Edition

This dude is a dead ringer for Donald Trump, from his peroxide blond hair to his pot belly to his tiny hands that he keeps hidden from public view in his pants pockets.

If you looked like Trump`s identical twin what would you do?

Make lemonade out of lemons and monetize your bad luck by becoming a Donald Trump impersonator?

Rob the gas station to finance plastic surgery to change your appearance?

Curse God and die?

Go to a strip club and try to get a free lap dance by pretending you`re the president?

Make a sex video with a crackhead whore and extort Trump?

You can`t rule out the possibility that the gentleman in the video really is Trump; maybe he gets a perverse thrill by dressing like out of his supporters.

I may not have Trump`s money, but thank God I don`t look anything at all like him.

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