White Evangelicals Should Stop Calling Themselves ‘Christians’! Satanists Are More Christ-Like Than They Are

I became an evangelical Christian in the late 1970’s and at that time evangelicalism was synonymous with spreading the Good News that Jesus saves. Being a good evangelical Christian meant attending church on Sunday, and trying to shun worldly attractions the rest of the week. We truly lived by the motto “WWJD”? We would ask ourselves “What would Jesus Do” before deciding what movies to watch, what books to read, what social activities to attend, what radio stations to listen to, and even what clothes to wear. In short, the evangelical experience was all about Jesus.

Now? Not so much. Evangelicals still claim to follow Jesus, but truth be told, they really don’t give a fuck about Jesus anymore. At least not by judging what they spend all their time doing:

Researching conspiracy theories online, attending MAGA rallies that glorify their new Messiah, Donald Trump. Spreading the Big Lie that Trump won the election. Demonizing gays and lesbians, and hating on racial and religious minorities. Disseminating anti-vaccine pseudoscience and spreading the virus by refusing to mask up, social distance and getting vaccinated.

If evangelicals had a shred of integrity, they would stop calling themselves Christians, if you want to associate with people who are really Christ-like I suggest you attend a Church of Satan, an anti-war rally or a pro-choice demonstration.