White Evangelicals Love Dictators, Racists, and Conspiracy Theorists

“Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.”

What this proverb means is that your friends are a reflection of who you are. You tend to associate with people who share similar views and outlook on life.

The individuals that you look up to are also a solid indication of your character, or lack thereof.

White evangelicals stan some very shady characters, revealing that they are lovers of moral degenerates more than they are followers of Jesus Christ.

Donald Trump is the most vulgar, ignorant, petty, authoritarian and vicious president in American history, and yet evangelicals treat him like the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Vladimir Putin is a dictator who has committed genocide against Syrians, Chechens and now Ukrainians, and yet he enjoys the praise of many evangelicals who view him as a Christian leader who is a steadfast warrior against the sin of homosexuality. Some evangelicals even believe that the reason he invaded Ukraine was to free the country from pedophiles. Franklin Graham praised Putin effusively and called Russia’s standard on morality “higher than our own.”

Besides being lovers of the execrable Trump and Putin, evangelicals pal around with white nationalists, QAnon cultists, and garden variety racists.

If you are friends with white evangelicals, kindly stay the hell away from me.