What Was Nancy Pelosi Mumbling During Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech?

At a reelection campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire President Donald Trump impersonated Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and repeatedly complained that she distracted him by mumbling during his State of the Union address.

Pelosi is living rent free in the stable genius’ head and it’s possible that she wasn’t mumbling at all and it’s all in Trump’s head. He probably imagines Pelosi mumbling, “is that all you have to work with” when he relieves himself in a White House restroom.

Trump is usually surrounded by enablers and sycophants who silently mumble their approval to whatever racist nonsense emanates from his sphincter-shaped mouth and any negative feedback would discombobulate him, even it it’s just a barely audible mumble.

But if Pelosi was mumbling to herself, what do you think she was saying?

Damn that babbling fool and his orange ring around the collar!

I’ll pay back that SOB for refusing to shake hands with me, I’ll rip his damn speech up!

Why does Mike Pence smell like an industrial size jar of Vaseline?

Do the Republics applaud the fucking moron so enthusiastically because they fear that post acquittal, the tyrant is so emboldened that he just might pull a Kim Jong-un and have them beaten if they don’t react like teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert?

Anyway, who cares what Pelosi was mumbling, I’ll tell you what I was mumbling during his speech:  God what a moron! I hope America does the right thing and votes him out of office!

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