Was Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Wearing Fake Arms at the Inauguration?

“SOCIAL media is awash with sensational claims that one of Donald Trump`s bodyguards was wearing FAKE ARMS at the inauguration.

Astonishing footage appeared to show the rather stiff-looking security guard walking down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House without moving his arms once.

Conspiracy theorists suggested he may have worn prosthetics so that his finger was poised ready to pull the trigger on the gun believed to be hidden under his coat.”

The Sun

Unlike mainstream news outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post this Web site doesn`t traffic in fake news, this Web site does cover conspiracy theories for the edification and entertainment of our readers. Today I will delve into the mystery of Donald Trump`s Secret Service agent with the prosthetic hands.

Whenever you see the word “hand” in a headline about Donald Trump, his grotesque pudgy baby hands come to mind, but this article is about his bodyguard`s strange hands.

After writing over a dozen articles about Trump`s diminutive hands I consider myself an expert on the human hand, and I would bet my right hand that Trump`s guard was wearing a prosthetic arms. He was concealing a weapon under his jacket and his real hand was holding it with his trigger finger ready.

If you disagree with my theory that the Secret Service dude was wearing fake arms talk to the hand, I don`t want to read your emails or tweets.

Examine the video and judge for yourself.

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