UK Bans Prayers Outside of Abortion Clinics! Thank You, Jesus

“In a 297-110 vote, members of Parliament backed an amendment to the Government’s Public Order Bill that would outlaw the offering of prayer and advice to women outside of abortion clinics.”


Labor Member of Parliament Stella Creasy introduced the bill to protect vulnerable women as they run a gauntlet of anti-abortion activists at the entrance of abortion clinics.

Religious fanatics rain invectives, prayers and threats at these women whose only crime or sin is seeking a lawful medical procedure.

Women visiting abortion clinics aren’t seeking advice or prayer from strangers, these pregnant women have already carefully considered their decision, and they don’t need any sanctimonious or judgmental prayers or unsolicited advice.

A fanatic caught praying outside of an abortion clinic in England can now face up to six months in prison. Thank you, Jesus! They can use the time behind bars to pray for God’s forgiveness for harassing women when they are at their most vulnerable state.

Thoughts and prayers, even when offered sincerely, are as effectual as farts and burps, and they have no place in the abortion debate.