Trump’s ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ Tweet Mean and Divisive Taunt


Donald Trump tweet

Donald Trump didn’t take a holiday from Twitter on Christmas Day, his tweet on this holiday was typical in that it was all-caps and capped off with an exclamation point.

At first glance it appears that Trump kept things light and apolitical for the holiday season, but actually this brief tweet is a taunt. In Trump’s revisionist history President Barack Obama banned the phrase “Merry Christmas” and substituted the phrase “Happy Holidays” to be politically correct, and he the Great Protector of White Evangelicals resurrected the Merry Christmas greeting.

Trump’s MERRY CHRISTMAS! Tweet isn’t that of a president trying to spread goodwill and unity, it’s a taunt from a Grinch, saying “take that you godless liberals, you don’t belong in my Christian America.

Although I greet family, friends and strangers with a hearty “MERRY CHRISTMAS”, I also say “Happy Holidays”, it’s a more inclusive greeting that encompasses all religions and holidays, and there are a hell of a lot of religious holidays in December.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my readers!

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