Trump” ‘I Have Single-handedly Shown the American Public How Crooked & Corrupt Our Government Is’


On Thursday Donald Trump, the twice-impeached, former president boasted on his Truth Social platform:

“Importantly, I have single-handedly shown the American Public how Crooked and Corrupt our Government is. NOW WE CAN FIX IT!”

The messages posted on Truth Social are called “truths”, an Orwellian twist since almost all of Trump’s dispatches could be more accurately described as “boasts” or “lies.”

The Truth Social Platform is every tyrant’s fantasy: A platform where they can boast and lie with impunity without their missives being censored, edited or vetted.

Almost all of Trump’s “truths” are lies, fabrications and exaggerations, but this is one time when the pathological liar inadvertently told the truth.

Indeed, Trump has single-handedly shown the American public how crooked and corrupt the government is, especially when the Executive branch was led by the most corrupt, evil, and incompetent president in American history.

We can fix it by making sure that neither Trump nor any of his Republican clones comes anywhere near the White House again.