There is No Place for White Evangelicals in Our Secular Postmodern Democracy

New Year’s Eve is a time for reflection and contemplation, a time to look back on all the horrendous events that took place this year, and a time to look forward to what steps we can take to make the new year better.

This isn’t my annual New Year’s Resolutions essay, the state of our democracy is in such dire straits that we must not focus on improving our lives, but on saving our republic.

I’m persuaded that with increasing vaccination rates, and due diligence with mitigation efforts we will eventually defeat the coronavirus.

But there’s a virus that’s more virulent, contagious and poses an even more existential threat to our country than the omicron variant.

White evangelical Christianity is a cancer that has metastasized and put democracy on its deathbed. Evangelicals have traded a compassionate and loving Jesus who preached about the Kingdom of Heaven for an inhumane and vicious orange messiah who’s trying to establish a white Christian nationalist theocracy.

Today’s white evangelical Christians put the Crusaders of old to shame, they hate Muslims and other religious and racial minorities with a passion and they are determined to reinstate their Savior by any means necessary: military coup, intimidation of election officials, undermining of the courts …

We must fight evangelicals with the same vigor and determination that we have exercised in our war with the virus. I’m not advocating for the literal extermination of white evangelicals, although the world would be better off without them. We must fight their racism, ignorance, anti-science stance, intolerance and anti-Christian philosophy with by exposing them with the truth. There is no place for evangelicals in our postmodern secular society.

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