The Donald Trump Crime Family

Donald Trump is the Godfather of a crime family, and it should come as no surprise that his administration isn’t full of wise statesmen and honest public servants, but grifters, back-biters, con artists, and publicity whores.

Trump doesn’t trust or tolerate an honest person in his administration for the same reason a law-abiding person is anathema is a crime syndicate: an upright individual would get in the way of making money by any means necessary.

When a mafia boss suspects that an underboss or the consigliere may be plotting to take over the outfit he has him whacked. When a Cabinet member or member of Trump’s administration is getting too much publicity or he doesn’t toe the company line to the letter, the stable genius throws him under the bus.

Nobody leaves the Trump administration, whether he departs via resignation or termination, with his reputation and dignity intact. Just ask Sean Spicer, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions … Well, you get the point.

Not that I feel sorry for any of these characters, after all if you go to bed with a $50 hooker don’t be surprised if you get an STD, and your reputation in tatters if you’re arrested.

If Trump replaced the massive front oak door in the White House with a revolving door, and stationed bar bouncers instead of Marine sentries, there would still be a long line of ne’er-do-wells seeking employment.

A huge pile of steaming dung always attracts flies, the White House needs to be fumigated, and I hope and pray that voters will take care of business in 2020.

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