Eminem’s Anti-Trump Freestyle Rap Silliest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

The only thing more ridiculous than septuagenarian rockers like the Rolling Stones performing and engaging in all the histrionics of rock stars is a middle-aged rapper grabbing his crotch and rapping about bitches and bling.

Rap is a young man`s game, and there should be a rule that a rapper should retire when he reaches age 30.

I didn`t watch the annual BET Hip Hop Awards show, but I caught Eminem`s freestyle rap on YouTube.

It`s the most ridiculous shi* I`ve seen in ages, watching a middle-aged white millionaire clad entirely in black, wearing the requisite hoodie, and rapping obscene anti-Trump lyrics while grabbing his crotch almost made me hurl.

For some reason Eminem gets a ghetto pass from a segment of the rap community, but where I`m from he`s almost a big of a clown as Trump.

Bitch please, you aren`t black and you aren`t relevant, not in the hip hop community and not in the culture at large.

I don`t need a white rapper with a long history of misogynist and homophobic lyrics preaching to me about any subject under the sun.

In the video Eminem stalks around a parking garage with a group of young black men standing silently behind him. In the real world those black dudes would have beat his punk ass for appropriating their culture.

Bitch please, Trump is such an easy target, why don`t you turn your fury on Harvey Weinstein.

I hope Eminem and Trump share a room forever in hell, fuc* those losers.

Watch Eminem make an ass out of himself:


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