Is Donald Trump a Very Stable Genius or a Freaking Moron?

“A Very Stable Genius” Thank You

Donald Trump tweet

Apropos of nothing, this was the fucking moron’s first tweet of this weekend’s tweetstorm.

He quickly moved on to attack his favorite target, a prominent black woman, this weekend it was MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

The tweet was in quotation marks, which leads me to believe that the narcissist was quoting himself, because I haven’t heard even his most sycophantic followers use that term to describe him.

The only persons I’ve heard call Trump a stable genius are comics and pundits who do so in an ironic or mocking manner.

Anybody who wakes up at an ungodly hour of the morning to tweet “A Very Stable Genius” Thank You is the antithesis of a stable genius.

And what’s up with the “Thank You”? I’ve heard of folks talking to themselves, but when you thank yourself you’ve reached a new level of craziness.

What do you think my faithful readers, can I get away with channeling the stable genus?

“The Greatest Blogger in the World!” Thank You

Robert Paul Reyes tweet

Flying with Donald Trump on Air Force One is a Nightmare

“Traditionally, White House staffers cherish the opportunity to travel with the president overseas on Air Force One as a perk of their service. But traditionally, the president they are traveling with is not Donald Trump. CNN reports on the dread and horror that has overtaken the White House staff when duty calls upon them to accompany the 45th president. ‘It’s like being held captive,’ one source reports. The experience of overseas travel with Trump is almost exactly like traveling overseas with a poorly behaved toddler.”


I’ve survived a boss from hell who made my blood pressure soar when I heard his footsteps approaching my cubicle or office, and I recognized his footsteps even when he was approaching me from behind. Even the most basic interactions with him stressed me out, because he always handled them in a way that reminded me that he was the boss and I was the underling. His suffocating presence didn’t stay confined to his office, his evil vibe permeated the entire office.  We were always miserable as long as we could see him inside his office, and to add to our misery he never pulled down his shades.

I could only find relief during my lunch break, when I bypassed the company cafeteria and enjoyed my precious minutes of freedom in a restaurant, preferably one that sold alcoholic beverages.

Everybody, especially White House employees, can relate to my experiences with a boss from hell. No one enjoys working For Donald Trump: He expects undying loyalty but offers none in return, he demands that you work tirelessly to promote his inane and often contradictory policies, but will throw you under the bus once you’ve outlived your usefulness, and he will strip you of the last bit of dignity and integrity and render you unemployable.

Imagine travelling with the stable genius on Air Force One where the only escape is to force open the emergency exit and jump to sweet oblivion. It’s like a surreal vision of hell with a pilot who puts the plane on autopilot, and then goes to the cabin and entertains all the passengers by recounting the many close calls he’s had during his miraculously long career.

Click the link at the bottom of this page for a detailed account of how miserable it is to travel with Trump on Air Force One. It’s a living hell to live in a country with a racist buffoon as president, but at least we don’t have to travel in a confined place with the idiot.

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