Trump Weakened by Ukrainian Whistle-Blower Scandal

Donald Trump’s mental acuity has been dulled by the merciless ravages of old age and exacerbated by dementia and megalomania.

Trump doesn’t make any attempt to present himself as a rational person, his press conferences are performance art of a deranged personality and his stream-of-consciousness Twitter rants expose a twisted and cruel mind.

The stable genius doesn’t seek to cultivate order and calm in his administration to counterbalance his lunatic impulses, to the contrary he loves chaos and intentionally instigates bitterness and divisiveness in his inner circle.

After almost three years of the whirling dervish-in-chief  presiding over a shit show, the electorate has a seared consciousness and nothing shocks us.

Chaos is a constant in the Trump administration and the president has been a serene Buddha in the whirlwind of scandals, but there are signs that Trump is panicking in the midst of the Ukraine scandal.

When Trump stepped to the dais at the United Nations General Assembly, he railed against socialism, globalism, Iran and China. But he didn’t have the confident demeanor of the Leader of the Free World, he sounded listless, distracted and bored.

In the aftermath of the release of the Mueller Report, Trump was defiant and refused to comply with congressional subpoenas and didn’t cooperate at all with any of the ongoing House investigations.

But the bombastic and confrontational Alfa dog is acting like a whipped dog when facing the real threat of impeachment after Nancy Pelosi finally announced a formal impeachment inquiry. He quickly released a transcript of his July call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the whistle-blower complaint to Congress.

Democrats would be well-advised to respond by going full-steam ahead in their mission to impeach Trump. Trump will likely be impeached by the House but he won’t be removed from office by the Senate. The good news is that I don’t think Americans will reelect an impeached president.