Donald Trump is the Epitome of the ‘Ugly American’

Donald Trump is the “Ugly American” on steroids, the coarse and vulgar putative “Leader of the Free World” treats our NATO allies with contempt, and exhibits an affinity for dictators the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un and Rodrigo Duterte.

Trump isn’t saddled with a George Bush type “Freedom Agenda” that foolishly attempts to make Jeffersonian democracies out of third world failed states like Iraq or Afghanistan.

Trump believes in American Exceptionalism, only he believes it’s our super-charged economy and our nuclear arsenal that makes us great, and not our democratic and humane values.

Trump has repeatedly stated that, after conquering Iraq, “we should have kept the oil.” This isn’t a gaffe or an inartful phrase, but a statement that reveals his mission statement: Make America Great domestically and internationally by exerting American power and dominance.

America was founded on the genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans, and it’s this innately American ruthlessness that Trump cherishes. Trump has no desire to be the most popular leader in the world, he seeks only to be the most feared one, and towards that end he bullies our nearest allies Canada and Mexico, as well as our European friends.

Trump has no desire to see democracy thrive in Venezuela, North Korea, Iran or Syria, he wants only to see these authoritarian states cower under American might. He doesn’t want to plant the American flags in these hot spots, although he wouldn’t mind seeing Trump-branded properties in these faraway lands.

Unfortunately, for Trump he doesn’t instill fear in foreign lands, the world doesn’t see him as a Joseph Stalin like leader, but as a Ronald McDonald clown on crack.

Trump has miserably failed in making America the envy and fear of the world, he’s succeeded only in making us the laughingstock of the world.

For the sake of democracy in the homeland and our reputation abroad, we must elect a normal human being as president in 2020.