America Will Survive Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and the Spineless Republicans

Brett Kavanaugh the alcoholic/liar/partisan hack/whiny little bitch/drama queen and alleged rapist is a Supreme Court justice, and the Republican Big White Tent compromised of establishment Congressional Republicans, white evangelicals, and trailer park deplorables are in 7th heaven.

Trump controls all levers of power: both houses of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. Incredibly, in less than two years Trump has consolidated his hold on power, and even his campaign opponents like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are singing his praises.

Trump has corrupted the White House, Congress and even the Supreme Court which was the last governmental entity that enjoyed a modicum of respect.

Trump is running a victory lap, Republican leaders are touting their success on Twitter, and white evangelicals are shouting hallelujah that Roe vs Wade, and same-sex marriage will soon be overturned by the Supreme Court.

The credible allegations of sexual assault against Kavanaugh, his blatant lies and his weepy partisan diatribe, would have been more than enough to doom his nomination under any other president.

But the Republicans ran roughshod over the process, they were determined to confirm Kavanaugh`s nomination come hell, high water or credible allegations of attempted rape and sexual assault.

Unless the Almighty smites Kavanaugh with a bolt of lightning, he will wreak havoc on the Supreme Court for decades to come.

But Democrats, Independents and the few Republicans who have a shred of dignity left must not despair. This too shall pass, this ugly chapter in American history will soon be over, and the pendulum will swing when a blue tide washes away some of the scum in Congress on November 6, 2018.

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