Being a Trump Speechwriter is the Most Frustrating Job in the World

Being a speechwriter for Donald Trump must be the most frustrating job in the world.

To begin with the functional-illiterate Trump believes he’s the most eloquent and articulate speaker in the world and he won’t hesitate to stray from the words written by those he considers his intellectual inferiors.

The stable genius doesn’t care about impressing pundits, politicians or college professors, he cares only about pandering to his base and he won’t think twice about disregarding the words written for him and speaking redneck to drive his followers into a frenzy.

A moron should never ad-lib, but that’s what Trump does best and I’m sure that his speeches bear little resemblance to the ones that were written by his speechwriters. Trump has a tendency to go off on a tangent and pontificate on subjects he knows nothing about.

Writing a speech for the fucking moron is like writing a speech for a dyslexic person with poor vision. I imagine no Trump speechwriter brags to his loved ones, “I wrote that speech” after the president delivers one of his tradmark incoherent and rambling speeches.