Biden Must Announce He’s Not Running for Reelection Now

The likelihood that President Joe Biden will have serious primary challengers is rising as his polling numbers continue to sink, inflation continues to rise and his cognitive skills continue to decline.

A serious primary challenge to a sitting president is rare, but then again, we’ve never had a septuagenarian president who’s manifestly physical frail and cognitively impaired.

In 1980 President Jimmy Carter was able to successfully fend off a primary challenge by Senator Ted Kennedy, but the effort left him weak and battered and he ultimately lost to Ronald Reagan.

There is a slim to zero chance that a cognitively challenged Biden will come to his senses, announce that he’s not running for reelection and thereby avoid a contentious battle for the nomination. Biden has white privilege up the wazoo, and too much pride to do what’s good for his party and the country.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that Donald Trump will announce that he’s running for president before the mid term elections. I would advise Democrat presidential hopefuls like California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Illinois Governor J. B Pritzker to do likewise.

It takes years to mount a successful presidential campaign, and it’s imperative that serious presidential hopefuls declare their candidacy as soon as possible.

Biden is a stubborn imbecile and he doesn’t deserve any deference or respect, I beg the likes of Newsom and Pritzker to begin their presidential campaigns now.

Democrats and democracy itself can’t survive a Joe Biden or Kamala Harris 2024 presidential campaign.