Donald Trump is a Pig and His Supporters are Piglets

Donald Trump the President of the United States hasn`t changed an iota from Donald Trump the candidate, he`s as much of a racist buffoon as he was on that day when he descended from the elevator at Trump Tower to deliver his racist presidential announcement speech.

A day after he read a presidential speech of a TelePrompTer, devoid of any histrionics and buffoonery, committing to send more young men and women to fight in the endless and pointless Afghanistan war, he reverted to form.

At a campaign rally in Phoenix, Trump wasn`t chained to a TelePrompTer, and he delivered his greatest hits from the campaign trail, railing against the media and his many enemies.

Trump`s tone and specifics changes from speech to speech, depending on the crowd and the prevailing news of the day, but the subject of his speech never changes, it`s always about himself.

It`s always about how the media is attacking him, and about how he doesn`t get the credit he deserves. Trump is a billionaire who had every opportunity to succeed handed to him on a silver platter, but spends every day throwing tantrums and acting like a victim. Sad!

Trump devoted most of his Phoenix rant relitigating his bungled response to Charlottesville. He theatrically pulled his previous remarks about Charlottesville from his front pocket, and read them verbatim, but omitted the words that caused all the controversy. The audience didn`t hear him read the parts about how “many sides” were to blame, or that there were “fine people” on both sides.

Trump revised history, exaggerated the size of crowd, and fed the pigs a steady diet of red meat. I will not apologize for calling Trump supporters “pigs,” they may have been excused for supporting him during his presidential run, but for six months they have witnessed him destroy our country and our democratic ideals, and yet they still enthusiastically support him. I should be commended for calling them “pigs” instead of one of the expletives favored by their Messiah.

I`ve seen enough to deliver my verdict: Donald Trump is a narcissist, a buffoon and a racist, and as a newspaper columnist and blogger I will devote my talents, meager as they may be, convincing my readers that he should be impeached.

How about you, will you stand on the right side of history?

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